My Classroom

This is the view from the front of my classroom (my desk area, twitter bulletin board, handouts board)

 This is the front of my classroom (homework boards, grammar posters, inspirational posters, blue &coral poms)

 This is my "BE" board. At the beginning of the year I have each of my two hundred students color a print-out of their name and we add it to the board. It's a great way to create community from the start! 
 This is my text genre bulletin board. I refer students to it throughout the year when I hear, " ...but Mrs. Koch, I can't find a book I like". The posters for this bulletin board can be found for sale on my TpT store!
This is my "Instagram" bulletin board. This is an extra credit board that I refresh weekly. Every Monday morning I post a new prompt and students answer the prompt with a picture and written explanation on the back. They have so much fun with this one!
My word wall is one of my favorite aspects of my classroom design. I put up and take down words all year-long. Because I used fabric as the background, it's super durable and doesn't fade!
My handouts board is where I hang up extra copies of worksheets and notes throughout the week. 

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