Saturday, March 28, 2015

My FIRST Post!

This is my FIRST official post on my new Koch's Odds 'N Ends blog! I'm so excited to start sharing all of my new products, ideas, and things I have in the works. Summer is right around the corner and I'll be a very busy lady getting things ready to go for the 2015/2016 school year.

Anyway, I want to start this blog off right! I spent the majority of my Saturday coordinating color swatches, themes, and clipart for my new lesson planning books! I'm beyond excited for these beauties! This is a huge endeavor that will take a gigantic amount of time and effort, but my personal planner turned out so awesome last year that I feel like I have to share the product with others!

You see, two years ago I received an offer for my first post-college job as an 8th grade English/Honors English teacher (after 9 or 10 interviews with no luck).  After crying tears of joy and tackling my husband out of excitement, I spent the majority of my summer planning and creating. My first week of school I realized I had forgotten to buy a lesson plan book! I scoured the internet for a secondary education planner and found very little. Everything that was adorable was marketed towards elementary ed. and everything that was marketed towards secondary ed. was straightforward and very simple with no frills.

Eventually, I found myself on I really liked one particular seller's planners but they were designed for elementary ed. with the boxes divided by subject and pages for a single roster (not the 6-7 that I needed). Being that I was desperate and also in love with the design, I bought one of her digital/printable planners. I used what I could and scrapped what I couldn't. What a waste! :(

Fastforward to last summer. I couldn't justify buying another planner that I would probably only use a quarter of. I took on the huge task of making my own. It took many attempts, mistakes, and a lot of frustration. However, the end result was PERFECT! I had everything I needed for the school year and it was also stylish and trendy.

And now here we are! I've decided to share my creation with you! I'll be introducing my secondary ed. planners this summer. I have five different designs in the works and can't decide which one I'll be using myself! Here's a little sneak peak at some of the patterns I purchased today!