Sunday, August 9, 2015

Mini Classroom Makeover

This week school finally started! Last week I feverishly and frantically gave my classroom a mini makeover. Because my husband started grad school this summer, I felt it unwise to redo my room completely. I decided to take last year's color scheme and just enhance it. I can always try something new next year, right?

The first thing I changed was my Instagram bulletin board. This year, my school went 1:1 with Chromebooks and I don't think social media posters are going to interest them as much now that the real thing will be sitting right in front of their faces at any given time. I decided to hang my personal pictures on it and make it MY Instagram board. It sits near my desk anyway! I printed off pictures from my real Instagram and hung them on this bulletin board. It's adorable because the pictures are square prints just like they are online. I love it and I'm so happy I didn't have to scrap the bulletin board completely.

The next thing I did to enhance my room was decorate my desk. I bought wrapping paper and washi tape (in my color scheme of aqua and coral, of course) at Target. I covered the front and sides of my desk in the wrapping paper then decorated with the tape! I had a few decorative flowers that I created last year lying around from an old bulletin board, so I added them to the front for a little something extra! The night before school I was creating a bulletin board title piece and decided to print out my last name with it (I was on a roll). I added my letters to ribbon with clothes pins and voila! I now have a cute little name tag!
The next thing I changed was very small. I have had a vertical word wall for a couple of years and I decided to mix it up a bit this year. All I did was pick a new spot and place it horizontally. I have to say, I like it much better on its side!
 The last thing I did to add a little pizzazz to my classroom was add a student work wall. I didn't have one last year and it was sorely missed. When I decided this was going to be something I added, I was sitting in my classroom with nothing to actually put it together. I gathered up some old glitter wrapping paper I had been saving for a rainy day and used that as a background. I then took a very long time trying to figure out what kind of border to use and decided to push my creative boundaries. I grabbed the leftover paper I had used to decorate my desk, cut it, and twisted it. I then stapled it around the edges of glitter wrapping paper. I rounded up some extra flowers from old bulletin boards and printed out some bunting. Let me just say, I was (and still am) truly impressed with this board. It's so cute!
 My room didn't get a complete overhaul makeover, but a little face-lift did wonders and I'm very pleased with it. It just goes to show that a little TLC goes a long way! What does your classroom look like this year? I'd love to hear about your makeover projects and see pictures too!
-Taliena (Koch's Odds 'N Ends)