Monday, May 18, 2015

The end is near!

It's the last week of school! Whew! Though this time of year is hectic and exciting, I can't help but feel a little sad that my kiddos are leaving me for the big scary high school next door. Today was our school's PRIDE reward activity, which is our end-of-the-year reward activity for students who didn't receive detention all semester. Usually we show a movie or let them play games outside, but this time we had a skateboard youth group come do a demo for us and then we held a dodgeball tournament in the gym. The kids LOVED it! Below 
There were over 800 middle schoolers on our basketball court!

The rest of the week isn't going to slow down either! We have an awards ceremony tomorrow, finals, and grading! As I was packing up my things to go home this afternoon, I couldn't help but laugh at the current state of my desk (and snap a picture to show you guys, of course)! It's ridiculous but I'm pretty sure most of you can relate. 
The end is near! I promise! Keep your caffeine and chocolate nearby! 

Comment and let me know how the end of your year is going! 

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